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The Recovery Program

The Gamblers Anonymous Recovery Program is the foundation upon which those in the Fellowship are able to rebuild their lives. The Recovery Program is outlined in 12 steps and is a plan for a better way of living.

For compulsive gamblers to be fully productive members of society, they must completely abstain from gambling.  By practicing the 12 Steps of Recovery, the individual is freed to fulfill his or her potential.  This program also enables Gamblers Anonymous members to lead ethical lives and attain self-respect.

Some of the 12 steps deal with the admission of powerlessness and/or wrongdoing.  Other steps ask members to take the actions necessary to rebuild their lives.  A third group of steps is spiritual in nature and is concerned with a power greater than the individual.

Each step is open to individual interpretation.  Because the Recovery Program is designed to be adapted to personal needs, many different interpretations of the step have arisen over the years.

The commentary that follows is a basic overview of many different interpretations of the 12 Steps of Recovery and can be considered as a starting point for more detailed discussion.

Here are the steps which are a program of recovery:

(by clicking each step, you will find a brief explanation, which may help you gain some perspective on the step)

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